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Miami’s Largest Contemporary and Modern Furniture Store

With 4 locations, Lyns furniture is Miami’s largest contemporary and modern furniture store. is a great source of inspiration for your home if you are thinking of remodeling or updating your home.

All items on display are in stock and available for immediate delivery. We offer many major quality brands including American Leather,BDI, Comfort Sleepers, Calligaris, Stressless by Ekornes and Copeland Furniture. Our line of products can provide both comfort and style.

Lyns furniture is Miami’s Contemporary and Modern Furniture Store for the Bedroom, Dining Room and Living Room.

Established in 2001, Lyns furniture Miami is dedicated to providing incredible values on classic and contemporary home decor to a diverse clientele. Our business thrives on sharing knowledge and passion for timeless style and unforgettable design, and we measure our success by our customers’ satisfaction.

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Modern Furniture Miami
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¿Are Modern Furniture really Modern?

Modern furniture, modern sofa, bed unknown to many, have been released in the market since time immemorial. Although they bear the name “modern” on it, they do not actually refer to furnishings that are made only during our time. Modern furniture began to be manufactured during the 1990’s till the 20th century. Until now, they have remained to be very popular among many consumers for several reasons.

Modern furnitures are actually a mix of the past and the present. they are also a blend of our artistic history and our presently highly technological world. they are made for both comfort and style. they offer not only sophistication but are often an emblem of solace in homes. It is never a wonder why many homes today display this kind of furniture.

Our vast selection of modern furniture is popular amongst those who are looking for a clean, sleek design. We offer a variety of elegant options for any area of your home

PHONE 305.636.1505  – 305.681.2499305.623.0200